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The Vaidya Community is actual a perfect reason for Ayurveda expansion in India and across the globe. Dabur has a plethora of Ayurvedic formulations readily available in the market.

Since 1884, Dabur India Ltd. has always taken pride in serving Ayurveda Vaidya fraternity with Authentic, Standardized, Safe and Efficacious Ayurvedic medicines.

Like we say “Shastrashuddhata Hi Hai Humari Pehchan"

Considering the need for an hour and to help the Vaidya Community, Dabur Ayurvedic Medicine Range expansion and completely standardized new product launch is an ongoing and continuous process.

Dabur had always played a major role in delivering Ayurvedic medicines directly to the Vaidya Community and is always sincere in supporting the Vaidya Community, whether it is from a supply or production point of view.

Dabur is bound to production of Quality Ayurvedic Classical and PP formulations and making them available to the Vaidya fraternity.

Our advancement continues and we are honored by introducing yet another ride of inventiveness dedicated for the Vaidya Community called Vaidya Shopee - a specialized E-Com channel of direct supply to Ayurveda Practitioners and their clinics.

We aim to support the Vaidya Community with timely availability of a vast range of medicines that are not always found handy in trade channels.

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