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To make Ayurveda industry the first call of treatment for billions of patients across the Globe, Indianvaidyas was incepted in September 2019. Connecting thousands of genuine Ayurveda expert doctors in your cities with people in a global scale effort, we strive to make holistic healthcare more accessible for patients across the country through our simple digital solution.

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About Indianvaidyas

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Indianvaidyas is a trusted, user-friendly and transparent platform where patients can connect with Ayurvedic doctors from all over India. Our mission is to help you find specialist Ayurveda doctors/clinics and connect with them instantly from the comfort of your home. We facilitate transparent, two-way communication between you and your doctor so that you get the right Ayurvedic treatment from expert Ayurveda doctors. Register/create your digital Ayurveda profile today and be visible to your patients through Indianvaidyas.

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Indianvaidyas has listed thousands of verified Ayurveda doctors from various states of India. From nearby clinics for the best Ayurvedic treatments to the best Ayurveda experts around you, get all the required information at Indianvaidyas. So what are you waiting for? Find a suitable Ayurveda clinic and Book consultation with expert Ayurveda doctors now.

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Indianvaidyas is the fastest growing digital platform that allows you to consult top Ayurvedic doctors of your choice through Chat & Video Mode. Here you can connect, discuss and ask questions ANYTIME to our Vaidyas, TOTALLY FREE

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Kanchan Kumari

My thyroid problem was cured with just simple lifestyle changes and herbal medicines. Now I don’t need to pop up my daily morning pill for Hypothyroid. Thank you for letting me enjoy a medicine- free healthy life.

V. Basu

With a wide panel of Ayurveda vaidyas from across the world, it’s truly a one-stop solution for all our health issues. I tried its services for my wife who has been a patient of PCOD and alopecia. Within 3- 4 months of treatment, she has started to witness improvement in her condition.


It’s super easy on this portal to find and book an appointment with the top-rated Ayurveda doctors in my city. The interface is user friendly and quick! Very Helpful!!-

Shima Kashyap

I have been suffering from Adenomyosis for the last 4-5 years. I tried a lot of allopathic treatments but nothing helped till I met my doctor here. He found the root cause of my problem and finally I got relief from my terrible pain during menstruation.-

Rakhi Prakash

I have been a patient of arthritis for about the last 1-2 years. I tried the allopathic treatment for a few months but got no relief. But after taking Ayurvedic treatment and herbal massages I started to feel much better within just 2 months. Thank you!!

Bharat Deshmukh

Finding Ayurveda doctors has not been so easy before. From booking an appointment with the best Vaidyas in my area to consulting them from the comfort of my drawing room, this portal does it all. Amazing job done.