Immunity+ Kit - Complete Family Protection


Right now, all you can think about is how safe you are. And you should be. The COVID-19 has been spreading like wildfire, and despite the lockdown, the numbers are still rising. Doctors are yet to find a cure for the CoronaVirus. You need prevention right now. The first thing to work on is your Immunity. Don’t wait for the vaccine to boost it. There are natural organic methods to work on your ability to resist viruses. Immunity products are available freely in the market but you do not need more chemicals in your system. So, how to improve Immunity naturally? The right answer is a natural immunity supplement like the Super Rasayana Immunity Kit. Live the ayurvedic way by ensuring that your body is taken care of naturally in the long run. This is a four-step process to boost your immune system and bring a holistic picture of health to your body. Why this combo To build the immune system. We have all tried different things. Why not bring in a combination that takes care of every aspect of your health, nutrition and Immunity at once? The immunity combo brings to you Chyawanprash Organic Ashwagandha Anu Thaila Prandhara

Rs. 650