What is the best ayurvedic medicine for a cough?

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What is the best ayurvedic medicine for a cough?

  Admin      16 Nov 2023

What is the best ayurvedic medicine for a cough?

One of the best Ayurvedic treatments for cold, cough, and congestion is through a combination of natural remedies that have been used for centuries to provide relief and boost the body's immune system. Here are some effective methods:

1. Herbal teas: Prepare an herbal tea by boiling water with ginger, tulsi (holy basil), cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper. This concoction helps clear nasal passages, reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract, and provides soothing warmth.

2. Steam inhalation: Add a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil to hot water and inhale the steam deeply while covering your head with a towel. This helps relieve congestion by loosening mucus buildup in the airways.

3. Turmeric milk: Combine warm milk with a pinch of turmeric powder before bedtime. Turmeric has potent anti-inflammatory properties that aid in reducing throat irritation while promoting restful sleep.

4. Saltwater gargles: Mix half a teaspoon of salt with warm water and use it to gargle several times throughout the day. Saltwater effectively soothes sore throats by reducing swelling and killing bacteria present in the throat area.

5. Nasal irrigation: Use a neti pot or saline nasal spray to flush out excess mucus from your nose gently. This practice not only alleviates nasal congestion but also prevents further infection by cleansing your sinuses.

6. Ayurvedic herbs: Certain herbs like licorice root (yashtimadhu) can help ease both coughs and cold symptoms due to their expectorant qualities that assist in clearing phlegm from the respiratory tract.

In addition to these herbal remedies, there are potent ayurvedic formulation like Talisadi churna, considered as an effective remedy for cough. It works great in case you are having mucus cough as it helps loosen up the mucous and help expel cough. It's important to note that these remedies are generally safe for most individuals but always consult an Ayurvedic practitioner before trying any new treatments if you have pre-existing health conditions or are pregnant/breastfeeding.

What is the best ayurvedic medicine for a cough?

  Admin      16 Jan 2023

What is the best ayurvedic medicine for a cough?

Cough is a sign of an underlying disease. In addition to common cold, a chronic cough can be caused by various factors including environmental pollution, smoking, asthma, respiratory infections etc.

There are a number of herbal remedies and ayurvedic treatments that can be used for cough. If you are suffering from a chronic cough and tired of trying herbal remedies, this is high time you should consider trying Dabur Shwaasamrit. Packed with the goodness of turmeric, pippali, vasa, giloy, Dabur Shwaasamrit is an excellent herbal formulation that offers relief from chronic cough, breathlessness, bronchitis and other associated symptoms of asthma. It eliminates the cause of the cough from the roots and helps build immunity against diseases like breathlessness, chronic cough, cold, bronchitis and allergies.

Benefits of Dabur Shwaasamrit?

  • Strengthens the respiratory system
  • Increases airflow to lungs
  • Helps treat asthma & bronchitis
  • Works as an expectorant to help reduce cough
  • Reduce breathlessness

Take 1-2 teaspoonfuls of Dabur Shwaasamrit twice daily or as directed by the Ayurvedic doctor.