₹100-crore master plan for District Ayurveda Hospital

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₹100-crore master plan for District Ayurveda Hospital
08-Dec-22 04:53:24

The Kollam district panchayt has approved a master plan prepared for the comprehensive development of Government Ayurveda Hospital.

As per the plan presented here on Tuesday, the services of all departments will be available at the facility after the completion of the ₹100-crore project. With an area of 57,000 square feet, the new six-storey building will have 52 rooms that also include units with attached toilet. While all the floors will have the facility to conduct panchakarma treatment, heritage building, yoga hall, staff quarters, parking area, an 82-bed general ward, research and development area, sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant, landscaping, garden, and related beautification are also part of the plan. The plan has been prepared by demolishing some existing buildings and renovating other parts.

The new hospital coming up on a two-acre 80-cent plot will be renamed Charaka Institute of Research and Ayurvedic Centre after the completion of the project. According to panchayat officials, the master plan has been prepared with the focus on Ayurveda studies, research, and production of Ayurvedic medicines. While efforts to extend palliative units to all blocks will be strengthened, Ayurvedic herb garden, pay ward, e-token system, and a modern library will be set up at the hospital.

“Support from the Central government is expected for the project and steps will be taken to submit an application for financial assistance with the recommendation of the State government. After getting the administrative sanction of the Central and State governments, the construction work of the hospital will be completed on time,” said district panchayat president Sam K. Daniel.

Panchayat standing committee chairpersons P.K. Gopan, J. Najeebath, and Anil S. Kallelibhagam, secretary Binun Wahid, Habitat officials, hospital employees, and department officials, were present on the occasion.