45 participants get training on classical ayurvedic drugs at BHU’s ‘Pathya Kalpana’

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45 participants get training on classical ayurvedic drugs at BHU’s ‘Pathya Kalpana’
12-Sep-23 04:41:40

Varanasi: A two-day workshop on ‘Pathya Kalpana’ organised by the department of Swasthavritta and Yoga, Faculty of Ayurveda, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University concluded on Saturday. The workshop provided hands-on training on selected classical ayurvedic preparations, Indian traditional preparations, tribal preparations and contemporary and fusion preparations that are beneficial for health. About 45 participants from all over India participated in this workship. Former head of the department of Siddhant Darshan, Prof BK Dwivedi highlighted the specialization in dietetics and nutrition.

He also emphasised upon the importance of classical ayurvedic preparations like Yusha, Yavagi in health and diseases. The dean of the Faculty of Ayurveda, Prof P K Goswami, emphasised upon the standards in regards to quality, shelf life in the entrepreneurship of Ayurveda Ahara.

On the first day of the workshop, Prof Neeru Nathani conducted a practical session on ayurvedic preparations and demonstrated masuradi mantha, angara karkati, kwathita,  krishara, narikela kshiri.

Renowned expert Prof Charu Bansal gave her deliberation, practical demonstration on contemporary and fusion foods like jowar cake, ragi biscuits and threw light on their health benefits.

The HoD of Swasthavritta and Yoga, Dr Mangalagowri V Rao demonstrated and explained the benefits of ragi manchurian, abrley-chickpea salad, pumpkin ravioli, gond nutri biscuits. Dr Kanchan Chowdhury conducted sessions on Pathya tribal food preparations like bangwi, bamboo shoot curry, pithe, chakhwi. National Institute of Ayurveda’s Dr Durgawati Devi demonstrated traditional preparations like saunf sharabat, bajre ka churma, while Dr. Mamta Tiwari demonstrated preparations like tambuli, chandrashura payas, bajra khichdi, panta bhath. 

Former HoD of basic principles, Dr I P Singh was honoured on the occasion with citation for his dedicated service towards the department of Swasthavritta and Yoga.