‘Ayurvedic treatment effective if done with its do’s, don’ts’’

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‘Ayurvedic treatment effective if done with its do’s, don’ts’’
12-Nov-19 05:18:59

The Academy of Yoga and Oriental Studies (AYOS) organised a two-day All-India yoga-Ayurveda seminar here recently. The topic for Ayurveda was “Astanga Samgraha: A Study” and that for yoga was “Siddhasiddhantapaddhati: A Study”.

Dr Bighneswari Das recited the Dhanwantari Vandana. AYOS member Mihir Kumar Mishra welcomed the guests and the audience.

In her introductory speech, AYOS director Dr Indulata Das said the seminar is being organised regularly since the year 2009. “We inspire scholars to concentrate on the original Sanskrit texts of Ayurveda and yoga. Books of great Rishis of India are discussed in the seminars.”

Chief guest Prof Yajneswar Nath appreciated the discussion of Astanga Samgraha in Ayurveda as it is a very important book of the discipline. “Ayurvedic treatment is very effective if it is done with all its do’s and don’ts,” he said.

From his own experience, he cited some unbelievable examples where by simple Ayurvedic drugs critical surgery could be successfully avoided.

Sudarsan Nayak said, “Our treasury of wisdom can be successfully utilised only when Sanskrit is taught as a compulsory subject in schools and colleges. Only by knowing Sanskrit, one can delve deep into our stores of knowledge.”

Dr Pramod Chandra Mishra proposed a vote of thanks in instantly-composed Sanskrit Slokas.

For two days, various papers on yoga and Ayurveda were widely discussed. “Certain moral principles in the transmission of knowledge”,  “Dinacharya according to Astanga Samgraha”, “Menstrual problems and their treatments according to Astanga Samgraha”, “ Importance of time in administration of various drugs”, “ Human body: A spiritual discussion according to Siddhasiddhanta Paddhati”, etc., were some of the important papers presented.

The valedictory function was held with Dr BS Pal and Dr Mamata Kumari Swain as guests. Dr Indulata Das analysed the programme from various dimensions.