AYUSH, BHU join hands to set up nodal centre for Ayurvedic meds

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AYUSH, BHU join hands to set up nodal centre for Ayurvedic meds
31-Jul-23 04:51:29

Varanasi: The AYUSH department and Banaras Hindu University (BHU) will jointly prepare a project for setting up a nodal centre in the department of Kriya Sharira of the Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS) to collect and store data on Ayurvedic medicines and their effectiveness in various diseases. 

A delegation from BHU called on UP chief secretary Durga Shankar Mishra at Lok Bhawan in Lucknow on Friday. AYUSH Principal secretary Leena Johari and Ayurvedic Services Uttar Pradesh director Prof PC Saxena were also present. 

The BHU delegation, which included Vaidya Sushil Kumar Dubey from the faculty of Ayurveda, Prof TB Singh from the department of Biostatistics, Aishwarya Jaiswal from the department of Psychology, and Amit Kumar from the department of Yoga, submitted the latest figures on Ayurvedic medicine to the chief secretary. Later, the chief secretary directed the AYUSH department to prepare a proposal and present the model in collaboration with the BHU.

According to Dubey, the model will further strengthen the integrated medical system by providing information on region-specific diseases, consumption of medicines, and pre-emptive patient examination to improve their health. Moreover, it will compile data on diseases and patients, thereby validating the scientific and effective nature of Ayurveda worldwide.

Dubey said during the meeting, directions were given to prepare a plan for setting up a nodal data centre in the department of Kriya Sharira, through which Ayurvedic colleges and regional Ayurvedic Unani offices as well as medical officers will remain connected. The plan will be sent to the central government. Software and data operators will be needed for the data centre, which it will prove to be a milestone for the AYUSH once established. In the Ayurvedic Proforma, details of the physician, hospital, and patient have been prepared based on Ayurvedic parameters, he added. 

He further said it is necessary to get approval from the Ministry of AYUSH to implement this pilot project model in Ayurvedic colleges across the country. The results should be disseminated o the public through AYUSH practitioners as part of a public awareness campaign.