Czech Republic’s Economic Council wants regulated cannabis market

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Czech Republic’s Economic Council wants regulated cannabis market
31-Jan-24 05:35:15

The Czech Republic’s National Economic Council, known as NERV, is recommending that the government establish a regulated cannabis market to help spur economic growth.

The NERV is an independent advisory body that makes recommendations regarding economic reforms.

The cannabis regulation measure was one of 37 recommendations the business body made to boost economic growth in the country.

“Criminal rates and sentencing principles should be adjusted. In the area of drug policy, a legal regulated cannabis market should be introduced,” the NERV noted in its recommendation.

In January, experts were expecting the government to unveil a draft cannabis law that included a regulated cannabis market.

Instead, the website – which says it provides content on navigating life as a foreigner in the Czech Republic – reported that the government had presented a draft of its cannabis bill which did not include the previously envisioned regulated market.

The plan reportedly included allowing possession of cannabis, home cultivation and the establishment of marijuana social clubs – similar to the approach taken by Germany and Malta.

MJBizDaily has not independently verified the report.

The Czech Republic’s coalition government comprises five political parties that span the political spectrum from liberal to conservative.

Negotiations are taking place among the coalition members regarding a draft law, which has been in development since last November, Forbes reported.

A timeline for when a draft law could be made public is not available.

However, the next Czech parliamentary election is slated for October 2025, so a draft law likely would need to be presented in Parliament this year.