Doctors at TTD’s Ayurveda Hospital bring out 5 new ayurvedic drugs to contain spread of COVID-19

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Doctors at TTD’s Ayurveda Hospital bring out 5 new ayurvedic drugs to contain spread of COVID-19
15-Apr-20 17:27:50

A team of doctors at Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) Sri Venkateshwara Ayurveda Hosptial and Pharmacy in Andhra Pradesh has come out with 5 new ayurvedic drugs to fight against COVID-19. 

According to Bhaskar Rao, Principal of SV Ayurveda College and Dr Narapu Reddy, Pharamcy Medical Officer, they have recently received directions from Joint executive officer (JEO) P Basant Kumar of the Ministry of Ayush to work on developing suitable ayurvedic medicines to contain the spread of deadly coronavirus. 

Based on the directions, the TTD’s SV Hospital formed a team with senior doctors to investigate and find out suitable ayurvedic medicines that could either prevent or contain the COVID-19 virus or that could help in the treatment of the patients suffering with infections of coronavirus. After successful research, the SV Ayurveda Hospital doctors have come out with 5 new medicines, which include Rakshogna Dhupam (protective disinfectant, fumigation), Pavitra (hand cleaning sanitizers), Gandoopam (gargling liquid), Nimba Sasha (nasal drops) and Amrutha (antibiotic tablets and immunity enhancer). 

While informing about their innovative ayurvedic medicines that could effectively prevent the spread of coronavirus, Dr Rao said that all these preventive ayurvedic medicines have been developed and manufactured by adhering to all the regulatory standards meant for quality and efficacy of ayurvedic drugs stipulated by the Ayush ministry. 

“As per the directions of JEO we could successfully come out with 5 ayurvedic medicines which could act as deterrent to the spread of COVID-19 virus. Initially we have decided to distribute these medicines free of cost to the employees and other staff working at TTD canteen, who are engaged in the daily preparation of food packets meant for distribution to the poor people and those who have been stranded due to lock down. Later we are also having plans to distribute the precautionary medicines free of cost to all the employees of TTD in a phased manner,” said Dr. Bhaskar Rao. 

Initially, the 5 newly developed medicines have been distributed to 200 TTD canteen employees and later they have planned to distribute the medicine to more than 1,000 employees working at various departments at Tiruchanoor and later at Sri Padmavathi College. “We have enough stocks of the medicines to be distributed free of cost. Initially we are focusing to ensure that all the canteen staff are provided free of cost, so that the possibility of spreading of coronavirus to the 1,000s of TTD staff could be avoided. Based on the availability, we are also planning to distribute these medicines to the general public also, which will happen in the coming days,” said Dr. Narappa Reddy, pharmacy medical officer at SV Ayurveda Hospital Pharmacy.