DST invites research proposals to improve quality of life of elderly and disabled persons

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DST invites research proposals to improve quality of life of elderly and disabled persons
07-Apr-20 11:35:05

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has invited proposals on research and development (R&D) through Technology Interventions for Disabled and Elderly (TIDE) solutions to improve the quality of life of the elderly population and disabled persons with focused initiative on science and technology (S&T) interventions. 

The proposals aim to providing individual autonomy to persons with disability through holistic development by creating enabling environment for their empowerment through application of S&T. 

The proposal may include technologically innovative solutions like cost effective visual/hearing aids and dentures/dental implants, assistive devices for improving excretionary defects & related issues, various forms of monitoring devices/ non-invasive measuring devices/systems (injury preventions, blood parameters for non communicable, diseases, standing and balance training), assistive devices for frequently occurring musculo-skeletal problems such as osteoarthritis of knee, ankle joints and the osteoporosis, special devices/footware for diabetic foot and care, biosensors for clinical diagnosis, automated pill box and methods for learning and analyzing computer signals of medical changes and devices/programmes for fitness of elderly. 

The development of technology package for healthcare of elderly to include preventive care like specific area for nutritional package, documentation and validation of traditional health practices for elderly in codified Indian health system and cognitive support for elderly (Alzheimer/Parkinson/Dementia, etc). 

Another area of proposals include development of multi-disciplinary research materials/R&D programme for disabled people that are genetic in nature (Thalasseminas-inherited blood disorders, nutritional deficient based (Spinal bifida-folic acid deficiency etc.), hormonal discrepancies/metabolic disorder and Institutional delivery (mental retardation). 

The proposals can be submitted by Academic/R&D Institutions/Potential Voluntary Organizations (NGO’s) with proven track record in executing S&T based projects. 

The proposal should clearly define the statement of the problem based on identified needs and state-of-the-art survey, objectives focusing on the proposed solution, project deliverables, market potential and well defined tie up with professional agencies/ industries for technology development/ testing/verification/adaptation/production and commercialization wherever possible. 

The proposals can be submitted throughout the year.