Healthtech startup Gynoveda bets on Ayurveda to solve menstrual health problems

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Healthtech startup Gynoveda bets on Ayurveda to solve menstrual health problems
28-Feb-20 06:09:20

Of the multiple things that India has to offer to the rest of the world, what truly stands out are yoga and Ayurveda.

While yoga has made a mark on the global stage, Ayurveda hasn’t been able to reach that far.

But Mumbai-based Gynoveda aims to democratise Ayurveda and its offerings.

Founded by husband-wife duo Rachana and Vishal Gupta, Gynoveda is a tech-enabled platform that focuses on women’s menstrual health.

Incepted in March 2019, Gynoveda is “combining technology, content and Ayurveda to solve period problems,” says 44-year old Rachana. 

The startup claims to have built the world’s first MenoBot, a gynaecology robot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify period abnormalities, and then prescribes Ayurvedic supplements to alleviate the issue. 

In November 2019, early-stage investor Fireside Ventures pumped in $1 million to help the business grow. 

The genesis of Gynoveda Founder Rachana is also the author of Happiness ki Khoj, and prior to Gynoveda was Head of Customer Experience at Intelenet Global Services.  “I have always been passionate about making a difference in the life of women.

I quit a thriving career to become a certified Happiness Coach, and then published my book,” she says. 

Vishal, on the other hand, has been the Business Head of Jio, and Vice President at ClearTrip.

The couple got together to start Gynoveda after benefiting from Ayurveda personally.

Back in 2010, Vishal was battling psoriasis, a skin condition. When everything else failed, Ayurveda came to the rescue.

He was relieved of the condition within 60 days. “I consumed umpteen allopathic medicines and none provided sustainable long-standing relief.

I discovered some audio clips that spoke about the promise of Ayurveda.

One thing led to another, and in 2010, I started studying Ayurvedic scriptures,” he says. 

After this, Vishal studied “Ayurveda’s Bibles”: Ashtanga Hridayam and Charaka Samhita. “I realised that Ayurveda had resolved 20 gynaecological disorders,” he says.

His awareness of the tremendous potential of Ayurveda as a business, combined with his passion for technology and Rachana’s calling to do something for women’s health and well-being, led to the foundation of Gynoveda. 

“Vishal is an intentional entrepreneur; I am an accidental one,” Rachana says. 

The founders invested $2 million from their personal savings, as the initial investment.