ITRA inks pact with GBRC for research on ayurveda

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ITRA inks pact with GBRC for research on ayurveda
03-Jan-24 05:03:50

Rajkot: The Institute of Teaching and Research in Ayurveda (ITRA), Jamnagar has signed an agreement with the Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center (GBRC) to use its modern laboratory to conduct research on ayurvedic medicine formulation prepared through methods described in Charak Samhita.

ITRA is designated as an institution of national importance by the government of India which has its research unit and also runs graduate, postgraduate and doctorate courses in ayurveda and ayurvedic pharmacy.

The institute houses a garden of trees and plants with medicinal properties. According to ITRA the memorandum of understanding (MoU) with GBRC will help in scientific testing and research of ayurvedic medicines and therapy. The modern scientific equipment will help in research on how ayurvedic medicines and therapies work on humans at a micro level, what is their effects and the future possibility. GBRC has laboratories for research in the fields of molecular, biology, microbiology, genomics and proteomics while ITRA has its hospital and other facilities available.

Professor Anup Thakar, director of ITRA said, “We will use the latest technology to prove various ayurvedic principles. We will be able to do microbiome studies, nutraceuticals study at GBRC. The study in these fields will take us to the micro level.”

He added, “Ayurveda talks about incompatible diets. Certain diets and their combination interrupt the metabolism of the body. But now we will be able to prove with which diet changes can occur in the human body at a micro level. There are many aspects where we can get a chance to explain everything at a micro level and do an in-depth study to establish traditional knowledge with proper reasoning.”

Both institutions will be able to use each other’s resources in research activity following the agreement.