Mann Ki Baat Highlights: PM Modi Emphasizes Progress in Women SHGs, Traditional Medicine & AYUSH Systems

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Mann Ki Baat Highlights: PM Modi Emphasizes Progress in Women SHGs, Traditional Medicine & AYUSH Systems
30-Jan-24 06:34:22

The PM Modi's address in 'Mann Ki Baat' sheds light on transformative programs empowering women in agriculture, as well as major progress in standardizing healthcare terminology.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the outstanding achievements made by women in self-help groups, especially in the sphere of agriculture, in the 109th episode of Mann Ki Baat today on January 28, 2024. The Prime Minister expressed optimism about witnessing Namo Drone Didis aiding farming activities with drones in every village soon. This vision aligns with the growing number and expanding scope of women self-help groups across the country.

Bio-Fertilizer and Bio-Pesticide Revolution in Bahraich, UP

One inspiring example comes from Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh, where women in Nibiya Begumpur village, affiliated with self-help groups, have embarked on a path of sustainable agriculture. These women have formed an organization called 'Unnati Jaivik Ikai,' dedicated to preparing bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides using local ingredients. The bio-fertilizer, a blend of cow dung, neem leaves, and medicinal plants, and the organic pesticide, made from a paste of ginger, garlic, onion, and chilli, have gained popularity.

The 'Unnati Jaivik Ikai' initiative has not only improved the financial condition of the women involved but has also witnessed a rising demand for their bio-products. More than 6 thousand farmers from nearby villages now purchase these sustainable solutions, indicating a positive shift towards environmentally friendly farming practices.

Achievements of Padma Awardees Discussed in Mann Ki Baat

The Prime Minister also acknowledged the unsung heroes who received Padma Awards for their extraordinary contributions to society. These individuals have been quietly engaged in social service, away from the limelight, making a significant impact in various fields. Notably, 30 of the Padma Award recipients are women, actively contributing to grassroots-level work, including initiatives like providing ambulance services, shelter for the destitute, nature conservation, and awareness against drug and alcohol addiction.

A Milestone in Healthcare: Standardized Terminology in Traditional Medicine

Shifting gears, Prime Minister Modi shared a groundbreaking achievement in healthcare, particularly for those seeking treatment through Ayurveda, Siddha, or Unani systems. He revealed that the Ministry of AYUSH, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, has successfully categorized data and terminology related to these traditional medicines.

This initiative aims to address the longstanding issue of inconsistency in medical terminology across practitioners. By codifying the language used for diseases, treatments, and medicines, the Ministry of AYUSH ensures uniformity. Doctors in these traditional systems will now use the same language on prescriptions, making it easier for patients to seek treatment from different practitioners. The coded prescriptions will provide comprehensive information about the illness, treatment, medication history, and allergies, facilitating smoother healthcare transitions.

Furthermore, this standardized terminology will benefit researchers, both in India and abroad, by providing a comprehensive understanding of diseases, medicines, and their effects. Prime Minister Modi expressed confidence in ‘Mann ki Baat’ that doctors associated with AYUSH systems will swiftly adopt this coding, contributing to the advancement of research and enhancing people's trust in traditional medicine.