Natl body questions renewal fees for Maha ayurveda docs

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Natl body questions renewal fees for Maha ayurveda docs
18-Dec-23 05:03:21

Nagpur: Ayurveda doctors affiliated with the National Integrated Medical Association (NIMA) have alleged that the Maharashtra Council of Indian Medicine (MCIM) is seeking a fee of 2,000 for renewal of their registrations in an attempt to generate revenue. In a letter addressed to MCIM, NIMA has sought clarification on the necessity of the renewal fee.

The controversy stems from MCIM’s online registration fee of 2,000 charged from BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) and MD ayurveda doctors in 2019. At that time, the MCIM justified the fee, citing digitization of documents and implementation of an online registration process.

Recently MCIM requested doctors who had registered in 2019 to renew their registration in 2024 and pay 2,000 fee again. NIMA, representing approximately 90,000 BAMS doctors in the state, deemed the move unjustifiable and illogical, urging a revision.

Dr Mohan Yende, the Maharashtra state general secretary of NIMA, questioned the MCIM’s rationale behind repeating the digitization process for document verification during renewal. “In 2019, we were informed that the 2,000 fee was necessary for online registration, digitization of documents, and development of a mobile application. We paid the amount as instructed. Is MCIM reinitiating the digitization process for document verification during renewal too?” he said, adding that MCIM’s mobile application is not functioning.

In 2019, NIMA contested the 2,000 registration fee in the high court, prompting MCIM to give a detailed breakdown in an affidavit.

The MCIM stated that among other charges, 990 will cover primary verification, app development, and document digitization.

NIMA president Dr Tushar Suryawanshi pointed to completed digitization, a non-functional app, and previous degree verification to question the renewal charges. 

Despite requests for comment, MCIM officials remained silent citing a need to review NIMA’s letter. 

Several ayurveda doctors, preferring anonymity, have alleged that the MCIM has amassed crores of rupees through the registration process in 2019 and is now aiming to generate substantial revenue again by imposing hefty renewal fees.

The allegations raise concerns about MCIM’s financial practices, especially since elections for its representative body are pending, leaving the organization without elected officials after the previous body tenure expired.