Researchers exploring ayurvedic alternatives for treating bacterial, fungal infections

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Researchers exploring ayurvedic alternatives for treating bacterial, fungal infections
22-Oct-19 11:23:14

Researchers at AIIMS, Bhopal, are working on developing ayurvedic alternatives for antibioticsused for treating bacterial and fungal infections with the global medical fraternity pitching for rational use of drugs amid rising cases of antimicrobial resistance(AMR). Preliminary results of the ongoing research have indicated that herbal drug Fifatrol can be a suitable alternative to allopathic antibiotics without causing any side effects, a senior doctor at the institute said. 

The ayurvedic drug, enriched with immune-enhancing herbs, has been found to be effective in curing major bacterial infections such as staphylococcus species that causes fever, cough and cold, and skin diseases among others. If not treated in time it can be fatal for people with weak immune system, he said.

The research also indicates that the drug is suitable in controlling spread of infectious diseases caused due to E. Coli bacteria and others. 

Giving details about the research, the doctor said, "Ayurvedic medicines generally increase immunity, but Fifatrol so far has shown very promising results against combating bacteria too." 

"Detailed research to arrive at the final result is on," he added. 

Manufactured by AIMIL Pharmaceuticals, Fifatrol is an anti-microbial solution prepared from 13 key herbs including sudarshan vati, sanjeevani vati, godanti bhasma, tribhuvan kirti ras and mrityunjay ras, tulsi, kutki, chirayata, motha and giloy. 

Commenting on the development, an ayurvedic expert said medicinal plants have been widely used in management of infectious diseases, and by now many of the ancient remedies have proven their value through scientific methodologies. 

"This research is on its way to prove that there is an alternative to antibiotics in ayurveda. Therefore, the government should explore this direction too," he said. 

Terming Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) as the number one public health challenge before the world, the government has made a strong pitch for rational use of antibiotics. 

AMR including antibiotic resistance, is the resistance of a microbe to an antimicrobial medication that used to be effective in treating or preventing an infection caused by that microbe. 

It threatens the effective prevention and treatment of an ever-increasing range of infections caused by bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi.


Source:ET Health World