The Plug Launches All-Natural Herbal Anti-Hangover Supplement

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The Plug Launches All-Natural Herbal Anti-Hangover Supplement
18-Oct-19 10:16:22

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Emerging beverage brand, The Plug, announced today the launch of its science backed anti-hangover drink. The Plug differentiates itself from market competitors in its all-natural proprietary formula with zero added sugar and an exceptional flavor profile – all at only 40 calories. The brand launched with an Indiegogo campaign in September, hitting its goal in less than 24 hours and trending as #1 within the Food and Beverage, Drink, and Hangover categories.

Co-Founders and brothers, Ray and Justin Kim, saw that there was a growing demand in the U.S. for a hangover solution, but they had yet to find a truly effective recovery product. 

"We saw this imbalance as an opportunity to bring a proven alternative from Korea and share it with U.S. consumers," said Co-Founder & CEO, Ray Kim. "After spending 8 months traveling back and forth from Los Angeles to perfect the taste, we are confident that we have created a truly superior product that will fill the gap in the U.S. market," said Co-Founder & COO, Justin Kim. 

The Plug's proprietary formula took years of research and development using a state of the art distillation process on machinery that was built specifically for the product. Utilizing South Korea's expansive ecological area, The Plug sources pure bedrock water from the foot of the Unak Mountain in Pocheon. Additionally, the ingredient list includes a blend of 13 herbal plants and flowers including DHM (oriental raisin tree), dandelion, chrysanthemum, and honeysuckle, which work together to support the breakdown of alcohol in the body and help your liver to flush toxins in a speedy fashion. 

In clinical research trials, The Plug was shown to significantly reduce specific hangover symptoms including sleepiness, headaches, vomiting, dizziness, and nausea. For the best results it is recommended to drink The Plug before, during, or within two hours after your last alcoholic beverage. The Plug is now available with competitive pricing on the brand's website in packs of 6 for $29, 12 for $54, and 24 for $98. Consumers who plan to buy in bulk can save money by signing up for a monthly subscription delivery service receiving a pack of 6 for $25, 12 for $46, and 24 for $84. 

About The Plug:

Founded in 2019 by Ray and Justin Kim, The Plug is a direct-to-consumer anti-hangover drink with liver-aiding ingredients designed to support your body's metabolism after consuming alcohol. The Plug is made with a proprietary blend of 13 herbal plants and flowers that help replenish your body, guiding you to a smooth recovery after a night of drinking. For more information on The Plug visit and find them on instagram @theplugdrink